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Dance for your life


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Dance for your Life: Steps to better health with stories to inspire. Hardcover book by Sue Peterson.

Travel through a timeline of rhythm and motion, engaging with different examples of how the skills learnt through dance can transform health and wellbeing. With narratives throughout, the book culminates on how to 'get dancing'. This book is for everyone who values fitness and wellbeing whether you are an experienced dancer or a beginner.

 Praise for Sue Peterson's Dance For Your Life book:

 A brilliant book! - Anne Walker MBE

 “I am delighted that Sue has written this book highlighting how dance gives us so much in our lives... No matter who you are or what you do this book is a must read AND THEN GO TO DANCE CLASS!" - Anne Walker, MBE.

Read the Dance For Your Life book and discover the life skills found below:
• Creativity
• The joy of movement
• Perseverance
• Respect
• Confidence
• Responsibility
• Social Skills
• Focus
• Flexibility
• Gratitude
• Spatial awareness 
• Becoming a more knowledgeable dance audience
• Leadership skills
• Musicality and appreciation of music
• Time management
• Pride of those around

  • Inclusive movement
    • Preparation for job interviews
    • Enjoying an activity with older/younger people

Dance for your Life is here for anyone interested in living well. Perhaps you have felt ill or low, or your children are looking for a new dimension to their lives.

Has dance been on your radar as something to explore. Maybe you would like to bring more vitality into your life, or you are here driven by curiosity: what on earth has dance to do with living life better? All children should have the chance to express themselves through dance. To realise how moving your body equates to feeling good. People have developed new habits for life. Dance to live well.

The world can change in a heartbeat! Your world can change in a Dancebeat!

"Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts. For it is no mere translation or abstraction of life. It is life itself." HENRY HAVELOCK (1859 - 1939), An English physician

Dance is liberating, it's seen as an act of outward expression. Life is full of exciting opportunities, so step forward and take them. If you feel inspired to dance or to encourage others to, you must go ahead. Say yes to yourself and do it. Find out about transferable life skills learnt through dance.


About the Dance For Your Life Book:

Pages: 160

Format: Hardback

Language: English


About The Author, Sue Hewgill Peterson:  

Sue Hewgill Peterson
RAD RTS Life Member

Sue's connection with dance began at age 3 when she attended her first ballet classes in her hometown of Hartlepool, UK. She gained a place at Elmhurst Ballet School, in Camberley, Surrey (now in Birmingham, England) at age 10 and progressed then to the Phyllis Bedells school in London and finally to train at the Royal Ballet School. 

Sue has had many exciting roles in the world of dance. From establishing her own dance studio and dancewear shop, which continue to run today, to working as the Head of Dance at Queen Margaret’s Independent Boarding School in York. During this time she also taught for The Royal Ballet School’s Associate Program. 

Everywhere she has gone her love of dance has been infectious, empowering hundreds of new dancers, many of whom have gone into the profession. She has performed in and choreographed many musicals and ballets and staged countless amateur and professional dance productions including pieces set to music composed especially for her.

She was a Committee Member, Treasurer and Vice-Chair of The Yorkshire Region of the Royal Academy of Dance and has run and taught many prestigious Summer Schools including RAD and Yorkshire Youth Dance Theatre, also for schools in Spain and Isle of Mann. She is proud to be a Life Member of The Royal Academy of Dance.

Between 2004 and 2010 she lived and worked in North Carolina USA actively and passionately sharing her expertise as the Executive Director of Carolina Performing Arts Centre. In that post, she introduced the Royal Academy of Dance Graded and Vocational Examination System to Eastern North Carolina.

After 2015 she returned to the USA, this time to Florida. There she was a volunteer with The Sarasota Ballet Company and since 2018 was fully employed as Head of the Children's Program for The Sarasota Ballet School where she continued until September 2020. She taught The Royal Academy of Dance syllabus and the American Ballet Theatre Curriculum. 

In September 2020 she and her husband returned to England. 

After being inspired with teaching classes and workshops virtually from March 2020 onwards she has now set up a Zoom room in their home where she will continue to teach ballet courses. Additionally, in 2021 Sue established, in studio, the RAD very successful licensed program, Silver Swans. 

Sue is a generous, kind-hearted soul with a keen interest in volunteering. Roles include rehearsing shows with the Carolina Ballet Company in Raleigh NC to stewarding at the BBC Antiques Roadshow at The Royal Ballet School’s Junior School, White Lodge in Richmond Park, Surrey. 

Sue's philanthropic work extends to her role as Founder and President of the ‘We Can Dance” Charity which raises money to enable children with Special Needs in the North of England to attend weekly dance classes and holiday workshops. 

A percentage of the profits of her upcoming book about the transferable life skills learned through involvement in dance will go to supporting the work of this charity.

She is a volunteer at Thomas Gainsborough’s House Art Museum while in Sudbury and loves to travel. Sue share her wealth of dance knowledge through her talk “Dance Keeps Me On My Toes” and her virtual Zoom course “Let's Pointe to Safety!”. 

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