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These books replicate the content from the syllabus books including Benesh Movement Notation. For your convenience each grade is able to be purchased individually. View offline, easily navigate between exercises, zoom, highlight, annotate and bookmark pages to return to later.
These books may be previewed for free by downloading a sample then purchased through Apple’s iBooks app for iOS devices. You can follow the link below to the RAD library or simply search ‘Royal Academy of Dance’ in the store within the iBooks app or from the Books section of iTunes.
Using The Zoom On iPad:
For your convenience, in order to zoom in on the text you will need to check the settings of your iPad device in Settings / General / Accessibility / Zoom and ensure that the zoom button is turned ON. This will allow you to triple tap with three fingers to select Window Zoom and move the window around to see the text up close. The Benesh Movement Notation may be zoomed in to with a simple double tap with one finger and then press the X to exit the zoom. We highly recommend you take advantage of the free sample download available within the iBooks app in order to explore this function.
How To Download Your Book
  1. Ensure you have enough storage space on your device for the book you wish to purchase by checking the file size on our FAQ sheet.
  2. Ensure you have a secure WIFI connection with full signal.
  3. Click on the button above or search ‘Royal Academy of Dance’ in the Apple iBooks or iTunes stores.
  4. Use this resource to learn how to use the app: HOW TO USE APPLE IBOOKS this includes hints and tips for using the functions within the app.
  5. Download a sample first to explore the functionalities (zoom, annotation, highlighting) and ensure they display fully on your device.
  6. After you’ve explored the sample, purchase the eBook for the full material and enjoy!

This resource is made available subject to the conditions that it shall not be resold, uploaded to the internet or distributed in any way. These eBooks contain DRM security which prevents illegal file sharing.

Purely as a precaution we recommend our customers retain a physical copy of their personal annotations. Whilst we have every confidence in our product we cannot be held liable for loss of information due to technical failure. (See our FAQs for instructions on how to export your notes from iBooks.)

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