The Song of the Body Book

The Song of the Body Book


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The Song of the Body: Dance for Lifelong Wellbeing
Edited by Dr Anne Hogan. Foreword by Darcey Bussell.

“This book shows that dance is not just for the theatre or the studio; it needs to permeate every aspect of society.” 
- Darcey Bussell, President of the Royal Academy of Dance.

“Dance, this book suggests, can change your life, at any phase, in amazing - and sometimes unanticipated - ways.” 
- Dr Anne Hogan, Director of Education at the Royal Academy of Dance.

The Song of the Body takes an in-depth look at how dance can enrich our lives beyond simply being an art form or a means of achieving physical fitness. Could dance influence social behaviour, delay the effects of old age or enhance feelings of spirituality? Is enough being done to look after dancers as they build their careers, and what are their options when it finishes?

The voices here are young and old, expert and amateur, influential on the world stage and just well-known at their local leisure centre. Luminaries such as Gillian Lynne, Robert Cohan and Lauren Cuthbertson are heard alongside local heroes, academics, and aspiring youngsters. In a collection of articles, interviews and panel discussions, we see the profound effects of dance on all ages and backgrounds.

Beautifully designed throughout and featuring a selection of images from the photographic archives of the Royal Academy of Dance, this book is an essential addition to the dance enthusiast's collection.

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