Look Before You Leap - New Chapters Included

Look Before You Leap - New Chapters Included


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The Ultimate Resource for Choreographers.
The essential handbook for choreographers updated to include the latest industry information reflecting how and where choreographers work today. With six new chapters, the book is a practical guide to the negotiation, preparation, organisation and continuing care of choreographic work. It is intended as a useful source of reference for choreographers, assistant choreographers, choreologists, dance teachers, dance practitioners, managers, administrators, animateurs, movement specialists, composers, designers, technicians and all those who collaborate with choreographers.
Subject Matter: Professional Development, Cross Arts, Multidisciplinary, International, Choreography, Performance, Education, Lifelong Learning, Business, Management
Author: Ann Whitley
Date Published: 2012
'Almost every choreographic opportunity requires reading unwritten ground rules in new situations. It is where our creativity can flourish if we feel informed. This book offers an essential guide to enlighten and support our creative decisions'.
Kate Flatt, Choreographer
'Most of us don't plan our careers in dance, but stumble forth, hoping for the best, trusting our instincts to see us through. How useful then that Look Before You Leap offers a rigorous, practical road map against which we can check our creative choices, providing clear advice and practical routes to strategically, financially, legally and contractually shape our choreographic careers. It is an invaluable, informative and relevant resource for emerging, mid-career and established choreographers. Thank you Dance UK for guiding us so clearly through what can be uneven, tricky terrain.'.
Charlotte Vincent, Artistic Director, Vincent Dance Theatre

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