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Dance Gazette single issue


*As a result of the pandemic, Dance Gazette is available in digital form only. 


For all of us who think of dance as an essentially in-person experience, the past year has made us think again. For teachers, students, performers and audience members alike, lockdown life means adjusting to a whole new world.


When classes resumed at RAD headquarters in London last year, Dance Gazette was there. Ed Thompson’s photos capture the enthusiasm from students of all ages and also the protocols that have quickly become second nature. This issue also explores other shifts in the dance landscape – from the digital dance making that sits beside the physically present, to the safeguarding that is now integral to teaching. Welcome to the new normal.





Open season

When the UK’s first lockdown ended, dance classes began at the RAD’s London home. Everything was the same, yet very different.


Shut up and dance

As choreographer, writer and now a guide to ageing, Twyla Tharp takes no prisoners.


My lockdown year

Leading dance artists describe how their work changed when the world closed down.


Safe space?

Safeguarding should be central to how dance schools and teachers work. But can we ensure it is in place?


Gotta dance

Which classic musicals are inspiring  new generation of choreographers?


It starts here

It’s a tricky time to launch a new career. RAD teachers in Hong Kong and Macau describe the first year in their chosen profession.


Once upon a mime

Storytelling through gesture runs through classic ballets. How can dancers and teachers bring mime to life today?


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