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Dance Gazette is an international dance publication produced by the Royal Academy of Dance and published three times a year, in February, June and October.


Hong Kong is an intoxicating city. So much buzz and activity every hour of the night and day. As the RAD's Genée International Ballet Competition returned there, we go out into theatres, hotels, and studios - and onto the streets - to capture enthusiastic dance throughout the day.

We also go behind the scenes at the Genée to ask how judges choose between the committed and the talented young dancers - and whether the audience agrees with them!

We explore a project widening access to students with disabilities, swap notes with a teacher of young children and a ballet master from English National Ballet. We also meet the activists who dance against hardline regimes, while star dancer Sergei Polunin discusses Disney's spectacular new Nutcracker film.



24-hour dance city

Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps - and never stops dancing. We follow the action from morning to midnight.

Judgement day

How do judges at a major ballet competition choose between technical precision and artistic charisma? Do audiences agree? We report fromt the Genée in Hong Kong.

Risistance movement

When an Iranian schoolgirl was arrested for posting videos of herself dancing, it made headlines. Meet the dance activists hoping to change the world.

Access all areas

How can dance teachers welcome students with disabilities to their classes? A pioneering research project may have the answers.


Disney's spectacular new fantasy film is based on The Nutcracker. Sergei Polunin takes us behind the scenes.

Class acts

An RAD teacher of very young children and a ballet master at a leading ballet company visit each other's classes. What will they share?




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