Digital Dance Gazette Single Issue: June 2022- Issue 2

Digital Dance Gazette Single Issue: June 2022- Issue 2


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 Editor’s welcome

 This issue of Dance Gazette explores the idea of home. We celebrate the RAD’s new global headquarters and offer a unique audio tour of Battersea, the RAD’s London neighbourhood. We discover how dance can feel like home for the LGBTQ+ community, how choreographer Bronislava Nijinska created a masterpiece in exile, and how dance teachers and artists balance a demanding career with equally demanding caring responsibilities. And we also meet Tim Arthur, the RAD’s enthusiastic new Chief Executive.

 David Jays writes for the Guardian and Sunday Times, and is editor of Dance Gazette, the Royal Academy of Dance magazine. @mrdavidjays.


 Where dance happens

The RAD’s new global headquarters will let the Academy spread its wings. Sarah Crompton explores the building and meets the people who made it happen.

 Meet the boss

Tim Arthur has worked in theatre, publishing and finance, and now he’s the RAD’s new Chief Executive. He tells David Jays about his love of the arts and unexpected dancing past.

 Welcome to Battersea

Take Veronica Horwell’s unique audio tour through Battersea’s rich history – a place of pets, parks and power, and home to the RAD.

 Here, queer and dancing

A male pairing on the British tv’s Strictly Come Dancing shone a spotlight on the LGBTQ+ dance scene. Emily Garside explores the history and power of queer dance.

 Taking care

Dance is a demanding career – especially when you also have caring responsibilities at home. Georgina Lawton hears about the challenges of combining them.

 Long way from home

Bronislava Nijinska’s greatest ballet, Les Noces, is a Russian tragedy created in exile. As it approaches its centenary, Lynn Garafola traces its evolution and shattering effect.



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